Jason Deetz diary / update 9.1.2018

Beautiful Paolo




You are beautiful love ❤ The amazing Neon Hitch S/S 2017 Cargo


L.A. Fashion District - Monique




17 and deadly. Loved working with Taylor. Los Angeles


Fairytale Romance editorial; Seattle Bride Magazine W/S 2017


Surprise gorgeous girl. Come on up!



Charlotte & Schai


Beverly Hills








Fucking Seattle ....


From Paris in Love


Maša and Camille


Sunset Blvd. We'll sleep when we're dead



Zen. Everything you do ... is magic.





South Central







Dead Land Basin editorial


She is beauty - defined. Caroline




Once again you came in and saved me when I was dying of a broken heart


Last shot of the day




Union Park editorial





Such perfect beauty



God - we were crazy that night ... and so full of life







Even when you're off, you're on


It's mean out there. NYC



Modern Romance editorial




Santa Monica


Cami, Harris and Jake


With India at the Tractor Tavern




Aimee’s shoes; always wicked fun to shoot


Cruddy weather, in and out, but still feels so good to be back to the city


On location
Photography by Cami Pawlak


Photography by Cami Pawlak



Old temple


Holiday ... fashion ... wedding pics - from me to you. Congratulations to my dearest friend Carmen!



British for a day - who thought it could be so awesome. Loved all of you - thanks for a phenomenal shoot!









The magic we make - with Brenda (my lead hair and makeup artist)




Just another one of those fuck-me moments
Photography by Mike Hay


Beautiful Kseniya



Love who we are and what we do! Spending a little down time in Midtown


Hard living - shooting summer fashion on city rooftop in 28-degree weather (10-degrees wind chill) … but those Jimmy Choos made it all worth the while


Fashion fitting



Inside the Seattle studio


This was taken in a hotel room in NYC after buying my first digital camera. My life with film was coming to an end.


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